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What Motivates You?

During a recent coaching call, Linda sighed and revealed, “Ugh, I just feel so unmotivated at work right now!”  Gloomy skies and work-from-home isolation can sure give you the blahs. Just getting up in the morning can seem like a major accomplishment. But we all know people on the opposite end of the spectrum, who […]

Share Your WHY

Why do some companies seem to have the best employees ever, and your new hires typically quit after less than a year? Maybe it’s you. Founders and leaders often assume that everyone shares their passion. You’ve told your origin story so many times that everyone automatically gets it, right? Share your company’s vision – WHY […]

Are You Boldly Going Nowhere?

When planning a trip, do you map a route, pack supplies, and set a timetable? Or do you just hop in the car and start driving? Both methods can result in a relaxing vacation. But as a business leader, you can’t simply hop behind your desk and see where your company ends up. To reach […]

Does Your Strategy Align With Your Purpose?

It’s a new year, and maybe you’ve resolved to become healthier. To support this goal, one strategy would be to buy fruits and vegetables when you shop. But what if you bought only junk food? Obviously, your strategy would not support your purpose, and you would fail to achieve your goal. The same is true […]

How to create a 2-page plan for success in 2021

Whether 2020 has been a year to forget or business is booming, now is the time to look forward to 2021. Your competitors are not breathing easy and waiting for the holidays to come around. Here’s how you can get started: Gather your core leaders now for a one- or two-day offsite, in-person or virtual. […]

What happens when leaders stay in their comfort zone?

“The ultimate measure of man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. When leaders back away from challenging situations, their team loses confidence in them. In other words, when leaders fail to exhibit bravery, their organizations […]

Transparency Builds Trust

These days, thinking about the future of your business is confusing at best. But recognize that as a leader, you know more about where your business is headed than you’re telling your team. Your team probably is worried, fearful, and stressed. Pretending that it’s “business as usual” – when it obviously is not – doesn’t […]

Revisit Your Dreams

When you began your job as a leader, you probably dreamed about the type of leader you’d become and all that you’d accomplish.  Think back to that dream, however grandiose or naïve. Has any of it actually happened? Your dream probably reflects the very core of who you are. If you feel disconnected from your […]

Four Big Questions To Help You Racalibrate

As a leader, it’s tempting (but unrealistic) to hope that everything will return to normal. Instead, seize this opportunity to recalibrate your personal, team, and company operating models. Reflect on these questions to get started: What personal qualities do you bring to the table today that you should carry into the future? Maybe you have […]