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Does Leading With Grace Make You a Pushover?

Being a graceful and grateful leader, rather than being brash and audacious, might be viewed as weakness. Won’t people walk all over you? Not at all. When you lead with grace, you’re not a pushover. Instead, you lead with courage and quiet determination toward your goals. You may even inspire others to act courageously. You’ll […]

Be a Grace-filled and Grateful Leader

Leading with grace in our modern world may seem counterintuitive – it rarely gets the attention that audacity and swagger may elicit. But a graceful leadership style builds trust and collaboration among your team and your colleagues. And it all begins with gratitude. I learned many years ago that grace is about gratitude. To lead […]

Leading With Grace

What does it mean to “lead with grace” in today’s world? To lead with grace is to be at the service of others. When we are gracious, we make others feel at ease and give them an opportunity to feel graceful themselves. To lead with grace is to recognize that true leadership is not about you. Grace is defined as an intentional […]

Finding Positives In The Midst Of Change

“Unusual events are guaranteed to happen.” That was the message from Chris Voss, author of Never Split The Difference and a speaker at last year’s Global Leadership Summit. When he spoke these words, none of us could possibly know that major changes – in the form of COVID-19 – were on the horizon. As leaders, […]

We Are All Leaders During a Crisis

We often think of “leadership” as a specific role within a company. But in reality, we are all leaders – especially in times of crisis. Whether your organization has one employee or thousands, each is a potential leader who can step up during challenging times no matter what their role is. How do you tap […]

How Leaders Can Build Trust During Uncertain Times

When faced with uncertainty, people want strong, confident, and decisive leaders who are also transparent and vulnerable enough to express genuine care and concern. Here are five things you can do to ensure that you never lose the trust, loyalty, and support you desire from others. Listen To Your Team Leading through uncertainty is a […]

It’s 2020 – Put Your Strategic Plan Into Action

You and your team put a lot of effort into developing your company’s 2020 Strategic Plan. Now that 2020 is here, have you taken these steps to put that plan into action? Have you held an all-team meeting to declare your company’s mission and vision? Have you shared your 2020 key priorities company-wide? Does every […]