Fresh perspectives that engage,

energize and transform.

Sherri Miller
President and Founder


Center for Extraordinary Success is the place where leaders come to find a more powerful way of achieving their desired results, fix breakdowns and frustrations, and achieve a more engaged team. It’s about creating a culture in which everyone understands the vision and how their individual work contributes to the vision.

We are results driven.  Whether the Center for Extraordinary Success helps you define or refine your goals, identify your obstacles or prepare for the future, our goal is for you to achieve excellence.  We work with our clients to create an environment of successful employee engagement and low employee turnover.  This leads to achievement of successful results.

Center for Extraordinary Success has helped a wide range of businesses and charitable organizations implement strategies to reach their goals. In addition, the Center specializes in helping both businesses and foundations maximize their charitable giving. At the Center for Extraordinary Success, it’s all about successful project leadership and implementation. In short, it’s about delivering results that make a difference.

“We change the world one client at a time through extraordinary analytics and advice on everything important facing humankind.”



At the Center for Extraordinary Success you can expect much customized systems, processes, tools, and coaching unique to your organizational needs resulting in a culture of excellence. 

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