Are You Among the 10% Who Achieve Your Strategic Priorities? 

So you’ve established your 2020 Strategic Priorities and the new year is off to a great start. But according research shared by David Norton and Robert Kaplan in their book The Balanced Scorecard, 90% of organizations fail to execute their Strategic Priorities successfully.

Are you one of the 10% who can claim success?

If not, let’s review the fundamentals of implementing your Strategic Priorities.

  1. Evaluate. Meet with key staff to determine and clarify the scope of each Strategic Priority including its purpose and desired outcomes.
  2. Vision and Communication. Create a vision of what the company will look like at the end of 2020. Plan a time where you can share the vision, including key priorities, with the entire team. Don’t skip this step – everyone wants to be part of something new and great.
  3. Name a Leader. Identify a leader for each priority as well as team members who will support and contribute to the priority. Make sure the leader knows they are in charge of achieving the priority.
  4. Accountability and Progress. Don’t wait until year-end to learn that the priority is just getting started. The leader must provide periodic updates to the CEO or other leaders. This step is critical to ensuring that your priority remains on track.

If you need guidance to move your organization into the successful 10%, join the Center For Extraordinary Success for quarterly Strategic Priority Workshops where organizational leaders will learn to create effective implementation plans for their Strategic Priorities.

Our March workshop is filled, but you can attend June 8, September 14, or December 7, 2020. Contact me for details, or you can register online.

Sherri Miller, Founder and CEO
Center For Extraordinary Success

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It’s 2020 – Put Your Strategic Plan Into Action

You and your team put a lot of effort into developing your company’s 2020 Strategic Plan. Now that 2020 is here, have you taken these steps to put that plan into action?

  • Have you held an all-team meeting to declare your company’s mission and vision?
  • Have you shared your 2020 key priorities company-wide?
  • Does every single team member understand how he or she contributes to 2020 and its success?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, you are not alone. Each year, the Center For Extraordinary Success receives hundreds of calls from business leaders who are frustrated with the lack of employee buy-in and poor results from their hard-thought strategic priorities.

To help business leaders like you, CFES is launching a series of Strategic Priority Workshops. During these quarterly 2 ½ hour events, you will obtain proven, actionable tools to achieve higher levels of mission results and employee engagement.

Only 10 organizations are invited to each Strategic Priority Workshop. If you are interested in attending future workshops and learning how to effectively integrate your mission and strategic priorities, connect with me today.

Sherri Miller, Founder and CEO
Center For Extraordinary Success

Don’t Launch Your Project Without This Critical Step

Your company’s new product or service is finally ready to go after months of meetings, analysis, detailed projections, and marketing plans. But have you included the most important step of all?

An internal communication plan is essential to your project’s success and is often overlooked by leaders. If your staff doesn’t understand the project and how it will be rolled out, you may not achieve your desired results.

Your staff may not be aware of your project’s mission and vision.

Have you ever asked three different staff members about your project’s goals and gotten three different answers? Without a planned project implementation and careful communication, your staff may not be aware of your project’s mission and vision. That means your customers won’t know, either.

Without effective internal communication, even the most thoughtfully planned, marketed, and priced product or service will miss the mark.

The best leaders plan their internal communication in advance by asking these important questions:

  • WHO needs to know about the new product or service? (Senior leadership or customer-facing staff?)
  • WHEN do they need to know (Hint: make sure it’s before the product or service is rolled out.)
  • HOW will I share the plan? (All-hands meeting, or a staff e-mail?)
  • Offer DETAILS to share with the internal team, including:

Why is this product or service important to our organization? (Make sure it’s NOT just to make more money – money is the result, not the reason.)

What is your vision for the new product or service?

What will be different in your team’s workflow as a result of the new product or service?

Will company processes change as a result of this new product or service?

How and when will you celebrate successes?

How will your team be informed and held accountable to ensure the project’s success?

Contact me before you roll out your next product or service and together we’ll create a successful and effective internal communication plan.

-Sherri Miller
Founder & CEO


Strategic Plans: Turning “No” Into “Yes”

As a child, my parents impressed upon me that “no” is a temporary roadblock to finding “yes.” Now that I’m a business consultant, I assist organizations that struggle to get past the “no” – especially when it comes to strategic planning.

According to, planning is time consuming and challenging, but critically important to obtaining results in your business. Sadly, many plans end up collecting dust because the organization could not get past “no” – such as resistance to change, ignoring shifting market forces, or unwillingness to make the plan a priority.

Are you ready to say “yes” to making your strategic plan a priority and moving past your roadblocks? If so, start by reflecting on these questions:

  • What are the real issues you need to overcome in 2020?
  • What opportunities are on the horizon for your business?
  • Can your team name the top three priorities your company is working to achieve?
  • What are you doing to solicit ideas and input from your employees?
  • Do your goals and priorities support your mission?

The Center For Extraordinary Success can help you create a strategic plan, refresh an existing plan, or help push your current plan past “no.”

Call me at 260.402.1693 or send me an e-mail to get started.

Sherri Miller, Founder and CEO
Center For Extraordinary Success