Are your biggest assets walking out the door?

Your people are the most valuable asset at your business.

So you should be alarmed by a new study from Inc. Magazine and Forbes stating that 52% of employees plan to leave their jobs this year.

I believe that misalignment is the reason employees are seeking new workplaces. Misalignment occurs when a company’s culture, vision, and strategies do not mesh. Employees do not feel like they are part of a larger purpose, so they disengage. When you lack a connection to your job, it’s easier to walk away.

Don’t wait until year-end reviews to share genuine appreciation for each employee.

Due in part to the pandemic, 71% more employees feel disengaged in 2021 that they did in early 2020, according Achievers’ fourth annual Employee Engagement and Retention Report.

Instead of waiting until year-end reviews to have in-depth conversations with your direct reports, engage with your employees now before they walk out the door.

Set up monthly 30-minute one-on-one meetings with your direct reports. Yes, it’s one more task for your to-do list, but it’s far better than hiring and training replacements for half of your staff.

At the monthly meeting:

  1. Communicate your compelling vision for each individual, and explain how their job fits into the big picture.
  2. Ask good questions.
  3. Make note of and act on suggestions.
  4. Give genuine appreciation for the work that they do, and emphasize the employee’s value to you and the organization.

What better way to treat your most valuable company asset than with a conversation that includes sincere appreciation?

Sherri Miller, Founder & CEO
Center For Extraordinary Success

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