Foundation Management 

One of our favorite things to do at Center for Extraordinary Success is to guide private and small business foundations to a greater level of success.  We work with you to help develop or refresh your goals and plans for the foundation.  By listening to your expectations, we will evaluate your circumstances and customize our services to best meet the needs of the foundation.

We will ensure that the foundation’s mission, purpose and passion are clearly defined and communicated thru implementing effective processes that we will create to help you fulfill your mission.  Services include but are not limited to:

  • Define or refining the foundation’s mission and priorities
  • Develop or revise foundation structure
  • Assist in setting goals
  • Serve as a liaison with professional contacts (legal, tax, etc.)
  • Prepare and run foundation meetings
  • Establish a grant making strategy and ongoing processes
  • Serve as the role of an executive director